you always get what you expect
TomAzur® is the result of the alliance between seed company Enza Zaden and other partners, working together combining specialists to create success. The result is a top quality product, stable in quality all over the winter season, of the same variety and with a convenient price.
sol y mar
sun & sea
  • Acidity-sugar balance.
  • Brix.
  • Stability in brix.
  • Consumer preference.
  • Brix is high and very stable over the season!.
  • Even after storage, Brix keeps high!.
  • Brix is high in all tomatoes in the cluster!.
color y forma
colour & shape
  • Attractive red color.
  • Combines good shelf life with excellent color.
  • Thick green parts with superior shelf life.
  • Packaging.
color y forma
quality & availability
  • Always includes the DNA you ask for.
  • Has great potential at agronomical level.
  • Meets top-level specs on Color, Brix/Taste and Firmness.
  • Meets consumer demands.
  • From Selected Top Growers (requirements that meet soil, location, greenhouse structure...specifications).
  • With full bio-control.
  • Growing advise.
  • Yield potential is high.
  • 6-7 fruits on cluster.
  • Size 35-50 mm, AFW 45-65 gr.
  • Meaning TomAzur® is available at a convenient price.
  • Firmness far above the minimum requirements after 14 days.
  • Firmness guarantees the shelf life of the fruits.
  • High level of anti-oxidants.